After Hours Care

Orthodontic "emergencies" are incredibly rare and, in most cases you can take care of them at home, but if you ever need us outside our normal office hours we want you to know that we are always available.

During office hours, if you have an emergency—please call us immediately so that we may schedule the best available time for you. We will do everything possible to quickly attend to your needs.

A number of issues can be taken care of or at least minimized by you. Check below to see if an issue you're having is discussed below.

Taking care of Problems

Problems Solutions
Poking Wire As your teeth straighten the arch wire may begin to poke out of the very back brackets and bands, causing it to rub on your cheeks. Place wax over the poking wire. If the wire gets too long, call our office and we will arrange an appointment for you to have the wire trimmed.
Snapped Arch wire If the arch wire is poking, place wax over the area. Call our office so that we can arrange an appointment for you to have the wire replaced.
Loose Bands or Brackets Place wax over the band or bracket if needed. Call our office so we can arrange an appointment for you as soon as it our schedule allows.

It is not uncommon to have 1-2 broken brackets during the course of your orthodontic treatment although breakages of brackets (brackets coming off the teeth) can have an adverse affect on the progress of your orthodontic treatment. To avoid needless breakage appointments, hard or sticky food must not be eaten. This, as well as playing with the appliances, is the major causes of broken appliances and /or brackets.

If a breakage occurs we require you to contact the practice as soon as possible. Please do not leave it until your next appointment to tell us if something is broken or bothering you. We will arrange an appointment to fix this problem as soon as our schedule allows.