Healthy & Beautiful at Any Age

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Dr. LynAnn Mastaj's new book titled "Healthy and Beautiful at Any Age: Your Smile and Modern Orthodontics" covers everything a parent or prospective orthodontic patient would need to know before beginning orthodontic treatment. Co-authored with fellow orthodontist, Dr. Donna Galante.

There isn't a book on the market today that covers everything about Orthodontics. In my private practice, parents and patients come in for a consultation and are confused or unaware of all the amazing technology available today in Orthodontics. “The book discusses the new types of braces including the more popular Invisalign clear aligners,” notes Dr. Mastaj.

Modern Orthodontics has come a long way from the days of "railroad tracks" and headgear. This book will open your eyes to so many more possibilities for orthodontic treatment that you never knew existed. Besides being an easy to understand and comprehensive overview of orthodontics today, the book is filled with testimonials from happy patients who love their new smiles.

We hope this book provides you with the right tools to make an informative decision on you and your family’s orthodontic treatment. To obtain a copy of Dr. Mastaj's book please complete the form below.

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